What happens if my shipment is lost or damaged?

My Shipment Arrived Damaged

While we do everything we can to ensure orders are properly packaged, occasionally an item will arrive damaged. If this happens to you, contact customer service immediately and please retain all contents, boxes, original packaging material, etc.

My Shipment Is Lost

While outside of our own control, if your shipment seems like it's lost during transit, we will do everything in our power to try and locate the package. While most of the time shipments end up being found and delivered, it can be a time-consuming process while the carrier investigates (for example, USPS requires 28 days before a shipment is deemed lost). We ask that you are understanding, and work with us to resolve any issues. If a carrier deems the shipment was lost while in their hands, we will offer you a replacement shipment or full refund. Please note that lost packages require 28 days after the shipment date (40 days for international shipments) before we are able to file a claim.

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