How do I care for a wood ring?

Our wood rings are made using a durable process referred to as "Solid Wood" or "All Wood". This process uses solid blocks of wood that are oven-baked and vacuum-infused with stabilizing resin. These blocks are then machined to spec and fitted into carbon fiber for exponentially greater strength and longevity. Finally, an application of linseed/orange or other natural oils is added.

Taking care of your wooden ring is pretty simple due to our processes during manufacturing. We suggest you limit water exposure. We also understand however that is wildly impossible to do this all the time so we further recommend you oil your ring every so often based on its appearance though technically this should not be necessary as the infusion process mentioned above all but seals off most of the wood grain pores.

In addition, you can grab our wood ring care kit to keep it conditioned. This helps to rejuvenate your ring and keep it protected.

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